passend onderwijs

Customized Web Development for an organization in Amsterdam.

Passend Onderwijs Haarlemmermeer, is an organization who focus on the concept of special education for kids around the North Holland area. Concept Design and Web Development was entirely done by D Creations from beginning till end. In addition, an interactive Google Maps page had to be developed.

The map page was designed to show about 80+ Schools within the northern region of Holland. The user can select three different types of schools, based on the requirements of the parents looking for an appropiate school for their kids. The search is postcode/name based, showing any available neighbouring schools within a 2 kilometres radius.

We at D Creations, made sure that all the schools available are editable within the WordPress database. This feature makes it easy for school representitives to change their information, showing any school data changes on the front-end instantenously.

All of the work described was developed from scratch and took about a 4 months to finish.

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